congratulations to the 2021 hrr officers

We are very proud to announce that as of Friday May 7, 2021 Hawaii Police Department conducted the inaugural training and certifications of 17 new officers. This important milestone means Officers will now be able to fully investigate, assist, and respond to all reports that, during interim services, were handled by Hawaii Police Department.


reporting a lost pet online


Microchip your pet for only $25 at hrR!

HRR wants to help whenever possible in reuniting you with your lost pet. That includes tools you can use from home to help let the community know your lost friend is out there and needs help. We've made updates to our lost pet page to now report a lost pet more simply than ever before. Lost Pet Flyers have now been simplified and are available even if you do not want to report a pet officially to HRR.

Here are some of the volunteer opportunities available:

  • dog & cat enrichment (walking, baths, playtime, etc.)

  • Kona facility maintenance & grounds-keeping

  • weekly blogger/writer

  • lost & found pet report assistance

  • general administrative tasks

  • social media assistance (photos!!)

  • supply shoppers

  • diversion & resource counselors

  • fundraisers


HRR is happy to announce the ability for Hawaii County Dog Owners to now register online for dog licenses. This service can be used to both order a new license or renew your existing license