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About Us

The Hawaii Rainbow Rangers was launched from a coalition of nonprofit groups in August of 2020 to manage the county-contracted animal control services including field services, animal sheltering, animal care, & spay/neuter operations for Hawaii County.

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive animal care services and implement lifesaving programs to achieve a 90% save rate while bringing the animal population to a sustainable level. All while keeping residents and animals safe, expand the island’s legacy of compassion, and usher in a new era of care for our animals & people in need.

Our vision is for the community, animal welfare organizations, animal shelters, and residents to work together and hold themselves accountable for ushering in an era that would provide safety and comfort for every animal. 

As we work towards our lifesaving goals, we aim to create opportunities for community involvement at no cost to the county or its taxpayers.  These opportunities and programs have two simple goals help more animals find and stay in their homes & help more residents receive resources to help keep their animals safe at home. That's why at HRR our motto is simple: Animals | People | Ohana.

Through its municipal contract, the county partners with HRR, providing funds for basic, immediate care.  But some animals will not be immediately adoptable.  Some will need more than basic care.  There’s no way to predict when or how often this happens.  But YOU can be part of that solution and be a champion to the animals of Hawaii.

How? By joining our constantly growing Ohana of volunteers, fosters, staff, and donors to help HRR and it's partners reach our goal and sustain our mission.

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To help achieve these goals Hawaii Rainbow Rangers has partnered with Best Friends Animal Society, a national non-profit. This partnership provides invaluable access to resources and programming that would otherwise take years of development to achieve alone, helping put HRR on the fast track to providing a new level of services and resources to Hawaii County.

Since the launch of HRR in August of 2020 Best Friends has assisted with the development and launch of programs such as Community Cat Programs, Shelter Development, and digital resources all aimed to help HRR reach as many members of the community as possible.