All Donations Help

In 2019 alone over 10,000 animals entered the care of Animal Control in the County of Hawaii. Our mission is to help save 90% of the animals that enter the shelter system, while providing the services and resources expected of an Animal Services Agency. The county pays for some of our services, but we need your help! Vet costs, medical supplies, food, litter and other critical items we need to save animals are not included. Your donations allow us to care for thousands of pets in need.



Monetary donations play a huge role in keeping our animals healthy and safe in our shelters and aid in the development of live saving programs


Consider making a purchase from our Amazon Wishlist, filled with items critical to our shelter operations. Your donation will begin helping immediately!


A dedicated and passionate pair of hands often do more than any amount of money or supplies. Consider donating your time or services.


We use a lot of basic household items like newspapers, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies every day. All of these are a huge help in our shelters!